Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Trading Schedules with Cincinnati

It was brought up on the TSL football board where the Hokies would have finished in the Big East and where Cincinnati would have finished in the ACC. I have a similar questions: How would the Hokies have fared against the Bearcats schedule and vice versa?

Hokies vs. Cincinnati's Schedule

Eastern Kentucky: W
@ Oklahoma: L
Miami U.: W
@ Akron: W
@ Marshall: W
Rutgers: W
@ UConn: L
South Florida: W
@ West Virginia: W
@ Louisville: W
Pittsburgh: W
Syracuse: W
@ Hawai'i: W

Record: 11-2, 6-1

Same record, same results for the Hokies against the Bearcats' schedule. The Hokies would have dropped the two toughest road games against OU and UConn. The other tough game would have been against Pitt and LeSean McCoy, but I would give Tech the edge in Lane Stadium. Yes, the Hokies would face a tough road test in the Mountaineers and the Hokies didn't play well on the road this year. But there's no way in hell I would ever say a Bill Stewart-coached team would beat a Frank Beamer-coached team. Now, what about Cincinnati against our schedule?

Bearcats vs. Virginia Tech's Schedule

vs. ECU: W
Furman: W
Georgia Tech: L
at North Carolina: L
at Nebraska: W
Western Kentucky: W
at Boston College: W
at Florida State: L
Maryland: W
at Miami: W
Duke: W
Virginia: W
vs. Boston College: W

Record: 10-3, 5-3

I think Cincinnati poses match up problems for the BC defense and beats them twice. Yes, BC can stop the run cold. But that really doesn't matter to a spread offense that passes first and asks questions later. Georgia Tech's ability to get pressure with its front four and UNC's gifted secondary get them victories against the Bearcats. The offensive talent and road environment in Tallahassee would be too much for the Bearcats to overcome.

So, there you have it. Both teams would still come through with conference titles and would still likely play each other in the Orange Bowl if they played the others' schedules.


Sean Hogan said...

That's an interesting way to look at it. I would be surprised if Cincy edged past ECU at the level the Pirates were playing at the beginning of the year, though.

Anonymous said...

What would the results be if we traded Offensive Coordinators?