Saturday, December 20, 2008

Marshman will miss Orange Bowl

Per Kyle Tucker's excellent blog. Beamer made a few announcements at bowl media day today, including that Nick Marshman is academically ineligible and will miss the Cincinnati game. There are also injuries to discuss.

Marshman is out, meaning the offensive line is going to have a new starter for the first time since the Nebraska game. The five offensive linemen (LG Marshman, C Ryan Shuman, RG Sergio Render, LT Ed Wang and RT Blake DeChristopher) had been on the field together for nearly every play the last nine games.

The only major time missed the last nine games was by Shuman, who was out half the game against Duke. Beamer said Jaymes Brooks will start at right guard and Render will move to left guard for the Orange Bowl. Brooks has played four plays this season (three vs. Furman and one vs. BC).

This really upsets the apple cart on an offensive line that struggled when it didn't have all five starters going. DeChristopher was injured four plays into the ECU game and the O-line struggled until he returned for three-quarters of the plays against North Carolina.

While I consider Marshman to be the fifth-best offensive lineman among the five starters, I don't like how this will affect the interior of the line. The three interior linemen and running back Darren Evans were especially effective together the last five games of the season. Now, you've got Render learning a new position (even if he is the best lineman we have IMO) and a redshirt freshman getting his first career start.

This could undo all the progress we've seen this season on the offensive line.

Beamer's quote, from Kyle Tucker's blog:

"... Marshman knew he needed to pass six hours. I mean, he’s already graduated. It’s one of those things, but he knew he needed to pass six hours and didn’t get it done.”

He sounds pretty disappointed/pissed Marshman didn't live up to his end of the bargain.

In other news, Jason Worilds and Brett Warren are questionable for the Orange Bowl. Like Tucker, I expect Worilds to play despite a shoulder that has popped out of place just about every game since Maryland. He's played and played exceptionally through the pain.

The loss of Warren is a big one. He's been a fantastic run stopper this year and if he can't go, it will be yet another redshirt freshman, Barquell Rivers, getting his first career start.

It would just be fitting for the Hokies to conclude this crazy, youngster-filled season by seeing two more redshirt freshman see their first significant action in a BCS bowl game.


Anonymous said...

I read that Brett Warren has a torn ACL. I wonder when that happened? Maybe with the new aggressive practice schedule for the bowl? That would suck if it happened in practice, but I guess they needed to change something up since they have stunk it up the past few bowls.

If a player already graduated and only needed to take 6 credits how can you be academically ineligible? Would you not take bowling and basket weaving 101 instead of advanced chemistry and physics?

If your smart enough to already graduate how can you f'up 6 credits? Thats the luck of the Hokies.

Hokie Guru said...

That is wacky that the coaching staff was not watching the academic progress of someone only taking 6 hours. How can a senior be academically ineligible? I can't remember this ever happening to a senior... not saying it has not... I just can't remember it.

Riggs said...

Regarding Bretts ACL...

I read that he messed it up in the Miami game and the ACCCG was the last straw. Just what I heard.

But it's good to see them practicing hard and changing something up. We must beat Cincinnati. I mean, it's Cincinnati.

mainaman said...

Brett was at Dr. Siegel's(the team's knee surgeon) office today, I saw him in the waiting room.