Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Apparently, I'm a Better Fan than You

If you creep on the TSL football boards and rarely post, like I do, you've probably noticed the current pillow fight centers around whether or not some fans are "True Hokies."

A lot of the discussion is whether or not those who oppose Bryan Stinespring are true Hokies. Honestly, it's a moot point because he's going to be back next year. Another point of contention is how a lot of fans aren't going to the Orange Bowl. Apparently, those who are forsaking the Orange Bowl aren't true supporters of the team and therefore aren't True Hokies.

Well, since I'm going to the Orange Bowl, that must make me a True Hokie, right? Hell no. It just makes me a masochist.

Why anyone would trust Beamer's spiel that this year will be different is beyond me. I don't, but for some reason I'm going anyway. It's expensive, it's the same city I was in last year and it's probably the least-anticipated of the BCS bowls.

So am I going to the Orange Bowl out of loyalty to my team? No. Am I going because I support the employment of Bryan Stinespring? Not really. Am I going because I think we're going to win easily? Good heavens, no.

No, there are two simple reasons I'm going to Miami for the Orange Bowl.

1. As stated before, I'm a masochist. Those who know my dating history know this is true.
2. Joe's Stone Crab.

That's it. Those are the only two reasons I can think of that I'm going to this bowl game. I'm not a better fan or a True Hokie, I'm just a glutton for punishment who also happens to be a glutton for crab meat.

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Anonymous said...

I'm displaying my "true hokieship" by NOT going to the bowl game. Every bowl game I've gone to, we've lost, including this past January in Miami. So consider this a favor from me to all the other "true hokies", I'm going to miss this one on purpose... I swear we'll have a better shot at winning. *sigh*