Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Q&A with Eagle in Atlanta

Bill from Eagle in Atlanta and I traded in-depth Q&As for the game back in October. For this week's game, we kept it short and sweet. Here are Bill's answers to my queries.

Click here for my answers to his questions.

Q: What can the Hokies expect out of Dominique Davis on Saturday? What's his scouting report?

No one really knows what to expect from Davis. He looked like a deer in headlights for most of Wake Forest only to turn it on during the final drive. He was much more poised against Maryland. He made good reads and didn't hesitate.

He is probably more accurate than Chris Crane but lacks Crane's arm strength. He is supposedly a very good athlete but hasn't shown much with his legs yet.

As for a scouting report, I think the key will be pressure. Wake brought it and forced fumbles. Maryland was not as aggresive and Davis avoided mistakes and played well.

Q: Other than the new quarterback, how have the Eagles changed since the two teams last met?

The offensive line has been much better. In BC's last three games (all must wins), the Oline controlled throughout, gave our QBs time, our running back holes and played nearly error free. They were good when we played last time. Now they are great.

Q: Seriously, are there going to be any touchdowns scored in this game?

Haven't you heard? BC now plays Beamerball! We've had 8 non-offensive TDs this year (and a TD off of a fake FG). But I do agree that this game will be low scoring. Because both teams are so conservative and have such athletic Ds, it will probably come down to mistakes. If either team gets a non offensive TD, I think that could be enough to decide the game.

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