Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Road Trip No. 7: OU vs. TT

Gobbler Country Road Trip No. 7
Football: Texas Tech at Oklahoma
Owen Field
Norman, Okla.

Miles Round Trip: 4
Total Dollars Spent: $130 ($80 ticket and $50 food and drinks)

Unfortunately there aren't a lot of pictures to post for a couple of reasons. First, my camera broke early in the game. The combination of it being old and held together with tape and being a drunk ass hole was just too much for it to take. Also, a lot of the pictures were of me being a drunk ass hole. Those aren't getting posted on this blog. Sorry, Charlie.

I'm usually unimpressed with the home crowds at OU, but this one was different. Bob Stoops had asked the fans to be loud and rowdy for the Sooners' tilt with the Red Raiders and the fans obliged. It was by far the loudest I had ever heard OU fans for a home game.

Also, sneaking into the student section was an adventure. It wasn't difficult to get by the security, but it was difficult because so many people had sneaked into the student section and the aisles and stairs were blocked by people.

It was a fun atmosphere, especially since OU played so well and everyone was happy. Except for the people sitting in front of me. I tried to pick a fight with them when they started chanting "over-rated" (I can't stand when people do that) and I was almost successful.

Our tailgate was perfect. We had our tents set up right across the street from the stadium and had plenty of food and drinking games to get ready for kick off. In the words of Jimmy Buffett, "rum and cooked animals and bullshit by the ton." All the ingredients for a successful tailgate.

ESPN GameDay for the OMGGOTY!!!1 of the Week.

No flag poles allowed at GameDay... except for the Wazzu guys.

Yeah, I've got nothing. It's a bunch of students dressed as Superman riding around the stadium five hours before kickoff on bicycles. Provide your own punchline.

Tailgating along Lindsey Street.

It's Miley!

Touchdown, Oklahoma. There were a lot of those.

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